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Re: Mild acheing
Jan 4, 2005
ok the pain is gone in the testicles, i dont know if this was the way it was before but nevered noticed it or something happend. My left testicle seems a little way smaller than my right one, i know one is suppose to be bigger but how big of a difference but theres times when they feel and look about the right size :confused: . also theres times when i get some kind of pain like i pulled a muscle or something on the left side where the legs make the V shape on top, or theres times when i feel this numb feeling sometimes on the back of my right leg. I dont feel it a lot but its just enough to feel it and its not everyday. only happend once or twice (i think).
Re: Mild acheing
Jan 19, 2005
how big do the veins around the testicles have to be so you can kind of have an idea if you might have a variscole. (spelling?) and arent their people out there who have them but dont really get a strong pain like some do and some dont really get it often and live their life and not have a problem? also is one testicle suppose to swell up a tiny bit after ejaculation and then get smaller (normal size) in like a minute?? so far i havent gotten the pains but a little while ago b4 ejaculation i kinda felt like it wanted to come back for a split second but then went away and so far i havent felt anything only some slight pain in the bladder area but that was 2-3days ago last time i felt it. Maybe it is just every day tear and wear. thnx.

oh and my right testicle is the only one that appers to get a little bigger.

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