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Re: Prostate Biopsy
Dec 14, 2004
Hi AnnaKaren,

There are several things that come to my mind. I assume your father-in-law had his prostate removed because of cancer. That being the case, your hubby is much more likely to develop the same than someone at random.

My dad died from prostate cancer at age 75. He had radiation and lived for 10 years after. I went in and had a DRE and PSA test at age 47-48 and was about 3.8-4.2, it varied. The urologist gave me antibiotics in case there was an infection but the number remained elevated.

He gave me the option of having 6 samples taken in the office or 15-20 in the hospital under sedation. He said if he did 6 and it came back negative, he would retest in another 6 months if the PSA was still around 4.0. He explained the biopsy samples as if he was picking seeds out of an orange. The more samples, the more likely he would locate a seed (cancer).

I went for the hospital route. Four out of twenty came back positive. I suspected it all along, but went through a range of emotions that are almost unexplainable to someone who has not been through it.

A high PSA can be from an enlarged or infected prostate. PSA velocity (elevations of psa over time) are looked at to guess at agressiveness of the cancer.

Oh, by the way. I chose an RRP (prostatectomy) and went to John Hopkins in Baltimore for the procedure. My insurance coverage was the same, just had to play for airfare.

I highly recommend the book SURVIVING PROSTATE CANCER by Patrick Walsh from John Hopkins. It was my bible from diagnosis to post operative recovery.

Keep us apprised about your husband. We're here for you.


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