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Hi, I'm a 24 year old male and ever since I was 22, I've had frequent urination during the day and night. I haven't counted how many times I pee a day, I estimate it ranges from 10 times on a good day and 30 times on a bad. I have to urinate so frequently at night that in order not to completely destroy my sleep cycle, I keep a 'urine bottle' on the side of my bed at night. I routinely fill the liter bottle almost to the top.

I've tried sooo hard to retrain my bladder not to go so often without success. I sometimes ignore the urge for over an hour, but it never goes away. I don't know if this is a prostate problem or not. I never have pain or trouble urinating. The urine is a light yellow. What I hate is how everytime I go pee, it's not that much. It's as if the bladder barely fills up before the sphincter relaxes.

As I'm sure many of you know, this is a frustrating problem and is very distracting while doing activities during the day and sleeping at night. Does anyone else here urinate this often?

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