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Hi Kay,

I have to start off saying I'm not too much of an expert and dont have much experience with this but as you can see from previous posts, someone close to me has been diagnosed with pc and yes, we took it hard too. However, after a few weeks to think about it and really do a lot of research, I keep reminding him how lucky he is. His psa is 8 and Gleason 6. We spoke with the dr and he was very encouraging. From waht I read on here, its important to have a good surgeon and decide which treatment you will want. My friend is 58. He chose to have the radical surgery done. John Kerry had it done and I have read up on it. He wants the cancer out of him. One thing I can tell you (reason why I tell him he is lucky) is that a Gleason of 6 is common and curable. Gleasons of 8 and 9, and I believe 7 usually means it has spread. Like I said, I'm no expert in this, only knowing this news for a few weeks but have done tons of research on it already. Its hard but I be strong for him and I give him all the info that I find on the internet and always remind him that he is lucky he found it in time. We shall see what happens when he gets surgery in a few weeks.

Good luck.

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