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My husband will be 68 in Aug. He had brachytherapy in 1999. He also had 25 external radiation treatments at that time. Last month his PSA went from it's normal 0.6 to 1.87. It has been stable for several years, but all of a sudden tripled. His urologist didn't even want to speak to him - just had his nurse tell him to come back in 6 months for another PSA. We called the oncologist my husband had in 1999 - he suggested it might be a PSA bump and told my husband to have another PSA test in 3 months. My husband told him that he was changing urologists because this one was not interested in his problem. Surprise, surprise, the urologist called the next day and said he understood that my husband had some concerns and had called the oncologist. He said they discussed it and decided to put him on antibiotics for 1 month (Bactrim), then do another PSA and go from there.
My husband is on day 15 of the antibiotic. He will go back to the urologist to have the PSA test done when the antibiotic is through.
BUT, we are changing urologists after that - no matter what the results. (see my posting below PSA Tripled in 6 months). My husband also called the Prostate Cancer Institute at the time of the last PSA test, and they have called back twice to check on him and told him to take the antibiotic but to get to a Brachytherapy Specialist no matter what his next PSA test shows.
So my advice to you is to demand a PSA test every 3 months, and if it jumps again get to a Prostate cancer specialist ASAP. A urologist who is not a cancer specialist will let your rising PSA go too long before he does anything - a specialist will start looking for the cause right away.

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