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My husband's PSA's climbed for a few years and we didn't think anything of it b/c we thought (as the lab values state) that 4 was the limit. (We didn't know a climb was a red flag) Hubby was declined for an insurance physical at age 49 with a PSA 4.7, free PSA 15%.

Like you, the docs thought maybe a silent infection and gave him a month of antibiotics. The PSA did improve after that month, so they thought that confirmed an inflammation and gave us reassurance.

A repeat was back up there, so they tried another month long course of antibiotics and even tho this one didn't do anything, we were given reassurance again and option to retest in 4 months. His free PSA's were dropping (which is bad), but docs felt biopsy was unnecessary - b/c still thought it was an inflammation. Said if I (being the wife, not the patient) absolutely insisted they do a biospy, they would, but thought we could wait for another retest and possibly a 3rd course of antibiotics.

Husband did not have an enlarged prostate or any pain, but he did have occasional episodes of very bloody semen - which is a scary sight, but also thought to be linked to a prostatis /inflammation.

PSA's went up steadily over a year and free PSA (which as mentioned should be over 25%) dropped from 15%, 11%, 8% to 5% before they agreed it was time for a biopsy.

He did have cancer. He had a radical prostatectomy in June Gleason 3+4 =7, and cancer was scattered throughout both lobes, but still contained within the prostate. Whew!

A free PSA test is cheaper than a biopsy. I would insist on the free PSA. Is your prostate enlarged? Don't panic, but do stay on top of it and remember, the doctor works for you. Insurance can get in the way, but your urologist should be able to help you around some glitches. I hope future testing is good news for you.

Patrick Walsh's book "Surviving Prostate Cancer" is loaded with useful info, for anyone with prostate/ PSA issues. It's an easy read and helps make sense of a lot of the terminolgy, anatomy & physiology.

You'll be in our prayers.

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