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I am 48 and in general good health. A sinus problem developed about 2 months ago, and my doctor prescribed decongestant tablets. These made me want to pee more often (with a weak flow). I stopped taking the decongestant tablets after reading that they might be the cause. But when I mentioned the frequent need to pee to my doctor, he quickly arranged a blood test.

The blood test result showed a PSA of 3.1, and he told me that it should not be higher than 2.5 for someone my age, and the high level indicated possible cancer. He made an appointment for me with a urologist, who I saw today at my local hospital in London. The urologist examined my stomach, testicles, penis and prostate and said they all felt fine. He suggested a biopsy, which he explained as sticking needles into the prostate to test for cancer. He said that there would be some post-biopsy bleeding, a possible infection risk, a risk that I would have difficulty passing urine, a risk that I would retain urine, and a risk that the biopsy might fail to detect cancer that was there.

It seems to me that the prostate is a delicate organ, and that it why any invasive procedure like a biopsy can cause problems. But the doctor said that a PSA of 3.1 is very high for my age, and the biopsy is the best way to find out if I have cancer. He said the first blood test may have been wrong, so I should have a second one before my biopsy, and if the second reading is normal, he would cancel the biopsy.

I wonder if anyone has any comments on this?
PSA readings can be influenced by many things including infection, inflamation etc

. There is no "normal" PSA reading
. It is the CHANGE in PSA readings which is important, rather than one individual result.
As suggested, I would have a series of PSA tests to gauge if a rising trend develops.

I would monitor PSA readings closely, and then consider further diagnosis if the need arises.


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