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I just wanted to share my story with you. A few months ago, my husband began having prostate symptoms, having to urinate almost every half hour, never feeling completely relieved, dribbling, etc. He saw a urologist who did a PSA test. It came back at 29.7! Just a year before, it was at 1. We knew there is always great cause for concern when the number increases so rapidly. My husband had a biopsy done -- twelve samples were taken. The urologist told him that there would probably be a 75% chance of cancer, but if so, they probably caught it early enough. He also said he could feel that his prostate was very swollen. We were not expecting great news, especially with that high a PSA. However, today we got the results back. No cancer was found in any of the tissue samples. He apparently has chronic inflammation of the prostate. His symptoms had actually subsided during this time. The doctor says they will just keep an eye on things and repeat the PSA and maybe another biopsy in 9 months. I had read all the posts here about men being diagnosed with cancer with PSA results much lower than my husbands, so I was preparing for the worst. So, this is just to give hope to all who are scared about those dreaded numbers. PSA tests measure the amount of inflammation. Only the biopsy can actually tell you if the cause of the inflammation is cancer or not. We dodged the bullet this time. I wish you all the best -- stay positive!

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