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[QUOTE=CRS907;2948478]my cynical assessment was perhaps too harsh. sorry. the article i saw was reporting on another article [thus, a meta article -- a story about a story that is apprently appearing in a medical journal. i see a lot of this kind of thing regarding research published in the professional literature in my field and the articles i see are notoriously lightweight.

has anyone seen the real article-- the one in te medical journal ?

the writeup i saw talked about some trials of the new test, but the trial metholodogy i saw involved very small sample sizes, and the methodology didn't look like it was well developed -- seemed casual.

did anyone here in his journey hear anything about trials of this test?

regarding the current test -- for me, the articles regarding PSA velocity were all the rage in the popular literature jusst about the time my PSA number showed movment with an increase invelocity, but i was still well below the nominal 4.0 level. i think that in very early stage the biopsy is a crap shoot. my biospsy [of only six cores] struck non-gold, and here i am. the rest is history. i'm either a victim or beneficiary of the current state of screening, but i'm a happy surviving victim or beneficiary.

sorry, i'll ramble on most any topic.[/QUOTE]

I had a similar situation. Like you, I was within the normally accepted PSA range for my age. Yet, my primary doctor insisted that I visit a urologist since his concern was PSA velocity rather than PSA amplitude. The ongoing controversy about the value of screening for prostate cancer using the PSA test continues to rage on, seemingly, without end. There are some men who have no regard for the PSA test. They have no faith whatsoever in PSA readings. Given a choice, they would not have a PSA test done. I'm puzzled as to why they would reject the PSA test since, other than the overt symptoms of late stage prostate cancer, what else do we have to indicate that this silent disease may exist? I praise the PSA test for one simple reason. It forced me to the next level which was getting a biopsy. Had it not been for the PSA test, I would never have suspected that anything was wrong. My hope is that this ECPA-2 test will encourage those who doubt the results of the PSA test to be more inclined to get screened using this new test. Maybe if both of these tests are used together, the results will convince skeptics of the need to consult a urologist in the earliest stages of their disease.

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