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When my cancer was eventually diagnosed, my Gleason score was the same as your husbands. My PSA was 3.2, which is higher than acceptable for my age group.

I had experienced some pain but it was dx'd as prostatitus (infection of the prostate) and was treated with antibiotics. The pain went away. As with the others, the PSA which was higher than acceptable remained elevated, even after the pain subsided, which resulted in actions that confirmed cancer.

I don't believe I had anywhere near the pain you describe your husband had but pain is a subjective sensation as well as extremely varied from person to person.

While some of the pain you describe seems to be excessive, it may or not be indicative of anything greater than a prostate infection. The pain from an infection can be quite extreme or it can be quite mild. Each person experiences things differently.

My doc explained to me that if he suspected any cancer outside of the prostate, he would have ordered additional tests to attempt to identify such a spread. He felt it was not necessary due to the Gleason score and psa levels.

Has your husbands uro ordered any additional testing? Does he suspect any metastasis? The input from his uro would be very telling of his suspicions whether he verbalized them or not.

While each here can speculate all day long as to what may or may not be happening with you husband, his uro's input and actions would be much more indicative and accurate as to the true situation. Listen to the uro. Ask him to address any concerns. He is in a much better position, both due to his intimate involvement and his training.

anything here is, at best, speculation based on what we read from anybody asking questions.

It won't benefit either of you (you or hubby) to speculate beyond the doctors input. This thing will disclose itself to the doctor as the situation, especially after the surgery, proceeds.

You, as his wife, are in a very important position. Your support is extremely important to his mental well being. I do understand the fears you are experiencing and the difficulty in maintaining a "strong face" due to your own fears.

If needed and you believe helpful,get permission to speak with your husbands uro privately. If you feel you need additional info that you feel may upset your husband unnecessarily, ask the uro privately. Not only are they there to deal with the physical aspect of your situation but they are also experienced in dealing with the mental pain it causes as well.

best of luck to you and your husband.

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