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Kudos to you for seeking early screening. When my husband's father and uncle both were diagnosed with PCa, I insisted on a PSA for my hubby (he was early 40s) Every couple years when he went to the G.P. I'd ask for the PSA....Every year they'd say it was "normal."

We thought things were fine until an insurance physical declined him for an elevated PSA. At that time we asked for the results of his previous tests from the GP. All of which were showing a rising trend over the years that nobody caught. The last "normal" had gone from a 2.9 to a 3.9 but because their lab sheet said "<4.0 was normal " ... they didn't see a problem. They didn't know enough about the test or the disease to know that this was not a normal result for a young man with a normal-sized prostate.

(He did have cancer, Gleason 3+4=7, doing well after his RRP.)

Moral of the story - - - ask for copies of your test results so you can see for yourself what they are and watch for any changes and always seek the advise of a good urologist with any concerns.

Best wishes

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