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I read your post regarding the 3 or 6 mo. PSA testing. I'm the one who had the PCA3 plus test performed recently. Like you I became concerned with the rising numbers, then a dip etc. I'm 59 pushing 60 so my numbers were on the high side of my age. A little background: my psa had been hanging in the 3.4-3.6 range then made a move to 4.8 in 6 mos. Free psa was 29-30%. The DRE was normal other than an oversized prostate. I was nervous so I sought out the PCA3 plus test which came back with the 30% possibility of PCa. The same urologist that did the PCA3 test wanted to do biopsies. My local urologist says it's inflamation causing the rise. Now I'm rescheduled for a repeat PSA in 3 mos. IF the numbers worsen, I will get the biopsy no holds barred. My PSA has dropped to 4.0 and free is 29%. What I'm getting at is like others have mentioned, 3 mos would seem reasonable as I think 6 mos. seems a little long with the numbers you are exhibiting. What's your peace of mind worth? In my opinion go the 3 mos.

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