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Apr 14, 2008
My 60 yr. old husband was diagnosed last week with agressive prostrate caner. We are in definite panic mode. It was the last thing I expected. He had foot surgery in Nov. and developed a staph infection in the bone. Was in the hospital 6 nights receiving anit-biotics. Then sent home taking IV Vanco twice a day for 58 days. Infection cleared up after 5 months of anti-biotics. During this time his platletts became low. They are now back to normal but his PSA was elevated 7 and a biopsy was done on his prostrate. I went to the urologist's office with to get the results; thinking "enlarged prostrate' When the doctor told us; I was in total shock. He has been through so much with that staph infection and now this! He got a cat scan and bone scan last week. We find out Wed. if it has spread. I have researching on the web since we got the news. The urologist here (Vegas) mentioned removing the prostrate. I made an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Az for April 22nd. I am so afraid of him having surgery here in Vegas and geting another staph infection. Has anyone had any experience with Mayo? By the way, I work in the ER and he is a Pharmacist. Friends have recommended UCLA, Anderson in Houston, and a doctor in Denver that specials in this. I am told that UCLA is doing alot of the robotic surgeries. We will see on Wed. if the cancer has traveled out of the prostrate and make our journey to Mayo Clinic. I am glad I found this site on google. You can never know too much. My husband is otherwise a healthy man. In the meantime we cannot sleep and cry frequently. His gleason score was also 7. What a nightmare!:confused:

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