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Re: PSA Level
May 9, 2008
The increase in PSA could be a sign of a problem, and one cannot know for sure without a biopsy. But there could be reasons for the increase in PSA that might suggest nothing at all is abnormal now. Not all doctors mention this, but sexual activity a couple or more days before a PSA test can cause a blip in the reading, as can a digital rectal exam- if it's done prior to the blood being taken for the PSA test. While a reading of 4.0 seems a little high for someone that's 49, it's not necessarily an indication of a problem. You didn't say what it had been in prior tests-- it's the rate of increase that can signal concern as well as the absolute number. Neither I nor the people posting on this board are doctors, but we can provide some info based on what we've gone through.

Before scheduling a biopsy, you might want to have your husband repeat the PSA test, three months after the last one- and then decide about the biopsy.
If you want further info on the biopsy itself, there's been a lot written on this board, and you could search some of the posts. I had mine in the doctor's office, and it was not too bad- just a little uncomfortable. I think I may have had a valium or similar ahead of the procedure and the doctor used some numbing medication so I didn't really have any serious pain.

Just to become a little more aware, you might want to get a good book on the subject of prostate cancer- and there's discussion about a lot of what's on your mind now. One that I'd recommend is the latest edition of a book written by Patrick Walsh- Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer.

My subjective guess is that there is no immediate danger facing him- but it wouldn't be a bad idea to educate yourselves on this. Please write if you have other questions. Hope this helps a little.
Re: PSA Level
Jun 2, 2008
:)Just wanted to follow up with you on my husbands biopsy results!! All 12 samples were benign! I feel like we won the lottery! He is to return to his urologist in six months and I can only assume they will watch him closely. Of course I have questions for you...If there is no sign of any infections and his results were negative, what makes a man's PSA level go up? His highest PSA was 4.7. I saw some people have PSA's MUCH higher than that. Also, how often do they repeat prostate biopsy's? Will this go on every six months? Many thanks again!!
Re: PSA Level
Aug 9, 2008
Hi..I'm new to this board and just posted my summary elsewhere, so won't repeat the detail here.

Was diagnosed 4 weeks ago after biopsies and after last psa at 20.8 - up from the 9-10 level 3 months prior to that. The bone scan was clear and I'm just awaiting fresh psa results....but still pretty unclear how the next ones should be interpreted ? If it stays around the 20 level, does this mean the tumour could be pretty active ? There was a medical view that it might have got to that level because of inflammation or infection, so if it has gone back down to previous levels, is this a good sign....and is an ongoing level around 10 indicative that it might be a long time before it wants to break out - if ever ?

Have seen lots of conflicting explanations as to what the psa level means post-diagnosis, and would much appreciate hearing any views from this forum

Cheers for now,

David (Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

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