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Had first biopsey 11 years ago when 61 year old. no cancer. A year later psa went to 5, had second biopsy, 6 samples 3 were cancer, diagnosed with aggressive cancer by 2 Doctors cause came on so fast. Both said needed operation right then or may be dead in 5 years. Since I had recently been divorced and liked the ladies, I chose watchfull waiting as didn't want to wear a diaper. I wouldn't let my Dr. give me a digital exam because it hurt so bad when he touched it 6 months after diagnosis. I started drinking Green tea equivalent to 15-20 cups a day. Pretty soon wasn't getting up at night to urinate 4-5 times. Let my Dr. give me a digital exam, didn't hurt any more then normal. My prostate had shrank back to normal but still had a hard spot on it, so he still wanted to operate. My PSA flutuated between 7-11 over the years. Last year to 14, Started getting up 3-4 times at night Saw DR. He said Prostate now swollen again and hard all over, Had PSA 2 months ago still 14. now 22.34. Up 50% in 2 months. Problem is I feel the best I have in 6 years. [Had CHF then and gave me 2 months to live w/o a heart transplant.] I'm not getting up much at nite thought PC was better, then I get this news. I'm wondering if it could be diet, have been eating bad lately. KFC about 10 times last few weeks. Any answers? My DR. is going to want to operate as usual. Don't know if I will let him.

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