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Congratulations pk! I think you have probably won this battle! :D :jester: :cool: At least you have knocked the cancer way back.

Thanks for asking about my situation, and thanks for your kind words. I am doing fine on my third full therapy round of triple hormonal blockade. My PSA continues to drop steadily and was at .28 a month ago, down from 9.53 on September 3 last year, before resuming hormonal blockade on September 18 with Casodex and September 26 with Lupron. My PSA has dropped slowly the last two times on full blockade, as it is doing this time, before ultimately falling below 0.01, and I would like to repeat that again. (It would be great if it plunged in a few months as happens for most of us, but slow and sure is fine too.) I'm enjoying a very good quality of life. :cool:

When I saw the title of this thread, it reminded me that the prostate cancer research proposal reviews are just about to crank up again. I expect to be occupied with that work for the month of July. I just got great news today that a fellow survivor in our support group also was accepted for this year's group of survivor representatives. I always look forward to doing my assigned 20 reviews or so and then working with the full panel for three days at the Sheridan hotel in Reston, Virginia as we review all 50 to 60 proposals for our group, but I also look forward to completing the work. We are not expected to review the full proposals as the scientists and doctors do, but we are given that option, and I try to look at as much as I can. After all, it's a chance for us to help save our own lives and those of our friends - pretty motivating! :angel: It's intense and a lot of work, but it is also fulfilling.

Take care,

Jim :wave:

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