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A bit of background first since I have been reading these boards but only registered today. First I am 61 years young. On July 12, 2007 I had a complete physical with no symptoms of anything wrong from a prostate perspective. My PSA came back a 24. My previous physical was in January of 2004 (long story, lots of job related travel). My PSA at that time was 3.3.

I was referred to a urologust and after a DRE the decision was made to do a biopsy. The results came back September 3, 2007. I had prostate cancer. Seemed to be only on right side. A total of 12 cores were done with 4 coming back positive with Gleson scores of 7 with one of them being an 8.

After much prayer and thought I elected to have a robotic prostatectomy. Over all the surgery went well, however the lab report came back with a positive margin. This was done in November 2007.

My first PSA after surgery was .18 and was done March of this year. In May I had a second test done (I might note it was done by my family physician) and it came back 0.5. My urologist and my wife and I discussed our options. He felt that since I had a positive margin and my PSA was .5 that I should opt for external beam radiation treatment which I did.

I start EBRT on June 16 of this year with the oncologist recommending 39 treatments. I had the last treatment August 12th. The radiation clinic and oncologist reccomended a PSA be done 2 weeks after the last treatment. I had blood drawn on August 26th and got the results back today. My PSA is now .56. The oncologist and I discussed this and said that I should not be overly concerned that they see it bounce or stay up for a bit after the treatment. This clinic has treated over 10,000 prostate cancer patients and has an extensive data base. She showed me some charts and graphs that seem to prove this does happen.

I am not wanting to second guess the treatment path I chose. My family physician and I are good friends and he and I discussed this somewhat in depth. My take is what is done is done and I have to move ahead.

Now my questions to the group that I have now joined is quite simple, or at least I think they are. Have any of you had this experience?. Does this make since to you? My wife was kind of against my even having the PSA test done so soon after the end of the radiation treatment, but my oncologist said that was standard procedure for them. Anyway, the news has kind of taken the "wind out of my sails".

This journey seems to do that at times. Each steps seems to have its risk, rewards and challenges as we move forward. I know that my faith in God will pull me through this valley, but I sure wish the news had been a bit better.

Thanks to each of you for your support (remember I have been reading this board for awhile). I wish each of you a SUPER Day and hope that God will bless you in every way.

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