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[QUOTE=csyleen;3717738].... I have had PSA levels in the 4.4 to 5.1 range for just under a year. Six week ago one lab was 4.7 and the other 5. Did a biopsy and it was negative several months ago. Doctor put me on antibiotics for a month since there were some symptoms of a possible infection. The antibiotics didn't seem to do anything though. I still have a slight buring sensation after urinating. My prostate was very tender when he pressed on it but felt normal. My PSA was 5.89 today and I am concerned. How could it go from 5 to 5.89 in 5 to 6 weeks? It has been at the same for almost a year with a negative biopsy.
I am planning another biopsy but has this happened to anyone else where their PSA jumped in such a short time. I refrained from any sexual activity two days before the PSA test.[/QUOTE]

Hi csyleen,

I have some reassuring news to pass on, but please remember that I am not a doctor and have had no enrolled medical education. Still, I'm relaying what I've heard and read expert doctors say and write, and you will find the same comments if you check a book or two.

The fact is that it's still hard in 2008 to pin down all prostate infection or inflammations. Often the doctor is successful, but there are many that cannot be pinned down. Sometimes the doctor will do a culture, and that will reveal the cause of the problem, but often it will not. Sometimes he'll take a stab at it and get lucky with one of the medications that often works. He can try other medications to see if one of them will work. However, quite a few men will still have an infection after these tactics. As you know, an infection can raise a PSA and bounce it around quite a bit. By the way, in his Primer, Dr. Strum writes "Be sure to allow at least six weeks of antibiotic treatment before rechecking the PSA (p. 38).

Since you still have clear symptoms of an infection, my strong hunch is that the infection is responsible for the PSA behavior rather than cancer.

While it's possible a bit of cancer may be lurking in the background, there's a real chance you may be cancer free.

This may have been covered in other posts, but have you considered a PCA3Plus test? That test may not be affected by an infection - I don't recall; you could ask the doctor to look into that question. A free PSA test can be thrown off by infection so it would be of questionable value in your case.

I hope you find some relief and some peace of mind!


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