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Hi builder,

Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation, and it isn't that easy to nail down. Doctors can do various tests, and sometimes they all turn out negative, but that does not mean there is no infection or inflammation, it just means the doctor could not find it.

The same is true for some early stage cancer. The tumor (or tumors - often more than one) can be so small that a biopsy will miss it.

Repeat biopsies are one often used approach, along with monitoring the PSA every few months to a half year or year, but there are certain tests that also provide useful clues. One that has been used for many years is the "free PSA test." Another fairly new test that looks highly promising is the PCA3Plus test.

About monitoring the PSA level - What you hope not to see is a tell-tale fairly steady climb in the PSA level, caused by one cancer cell splitting into two, two into four, four into eight, eight into sixteen, and so on. A PSA score pattern that is fairly steady, that goes up and down, that declines, of that does not climb in a way reflecting steady doubling is a lot less likely to be cancer, as I understand it as a layman.

Hope this helps.


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