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[QUOTE=Yodude;3920049]It day 13 since the operation. It was so nice to be passionate again. My penis wasn't fully erect, but enough to get her off. I didn't get off, but that will come.[/QUOTE]

Consider yourself very lucky! The tree surgeons who learned by doing me at the local VA fixed me so that I will need a diaper for the rest of my life and I still have a PSA!
Now I understand there is a technique that will allow the cancer to be removed in the prostate without removing it. It can also be used for repeat procedures! The heading was Prostate Lumpectomy like the breast lumpectomy. I believe it used a cyber knife. BUMMER for me but great for the future patients!!

I also had an infection with the catheter. They refused to issue a condon cover that would prevent infection or offer any antibiotics to fight infections. Their mantra was 10% infections per day for every day it is installed. That is NUTS!

When the nurse took out the catheter, after filling my bladder with fluid,she laughed at me as I waddled across a hall to the bathroom with my pants at half mast dripping fluid all the way. After the prostate is removed it takes training the PC muscles to learn To hold the urine. I don't wonder why there is yelling in the Doctor's offices in urology clinics.

Did I mention how I was notified that I had cancer? That was after hearing another patient screaming in the Doctor's office next door. The head surgeon who I was lead to believe would do the surgery was the one who told me the bad news. No phone call or any other heads up other then a postcard reminder of the appointment. I was given 20 minutes to decide on a course of action. That is true ambush medicine with no chance to research alternatives.
Turned out I got bait and switch with another resident operating on my body.
The truly sick part is the VA system trains half of the Doctor's in America. You might ask where your Doctor was trained.

As for erections; they gave me alproxidil penial injections and now I know what priaprism feels like. This produced a super very painful erection. Of course, they had no ice to relieve this torment. I was drained the first time at the small procedures clinic. More needles in a VERY tender spot! The Doctors on duty came in to watch the victim-of-the-day get his penis drained. Beyond embarrassing.
Then I even had to walk down to the emergency room with a raging penis because they didn't have the equipment available elsewhere and no wheelchair. This was after getting a lecture on why I should go get radiated by the folks at UCSF while I was in pain from the super very painful erection. Then I got the blood drained again and the counter drug injected. A good day for bigphram, bad for me.

As you may be aware, there is no cure for prostrate cancer (PCa) that has metastasized and PCa micro metastasizes early. The standard instructions after radiating, cytotoxics, etc. states "we recommend clinical trials".

I had to do my own research to find a clinical trial that fit my criteria and pay my own to go to National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD.for the initial testing. My living room is larger then the "library" that the local VA allocates for patient research. The UCSF librarians were very helpful in providing internet site research results but not for clinical trials.
NIH does pay for travel and board while in a clinical trial. Fortunately, as a retired GI, I can stay across the street at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) at a very reduced rate. There is good medicine in America and it is very close to the seat of power, Washington, D.C. Your not surprised to understand that President Obama will be treated at NNMC.

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