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Re: Psa
Jun 15, 2009
Short answer: yes

The prostate gland produces fluid during sexual arousal/activity. As the gland is stimulated to produce fluid, the level of PSA in the blood stream rises. General rule of thumb is to abstain from sexual arousal/activity for 48 hours prior to PSA test.

There's a list of other, more obvious things which could cause a temporary rise that you would likely have already mentioned to your doctor, or your doctor would know: catheritization, cystoscopy, DRE, needle biopsy, etc.

There is also some "controversy" among the medical community as to whether bike riding, motorcycle riding or horseback riding might also apply pressure on the prostate (in a way similar to DRE) and cause temporary increased PSA production, and an even higher level of controversy about high levels of exercise causing an increase. The "controversy" is simply about whether there is enough statistical evindence to support the hypothesis. The general rule of thumb is still 48 hours.

If you think some of these factors may have influenced your results and if you are planning a follow-up PSA to confirm, best to be sure to avoid these things which might confound your results.

Does this help answer your question?

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