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You'll need to clarify what you mean by a "high BPH number" and "low PSA number".
BPH means enlarged prostate. How much larger than normal? PSA is a marker for Prostate Cancer when it begins a continuous rise from whatever was your base level. Base levels vary from very low for some men such as 1 to as high as 4 or higher for others.
Random fluctuations in PSA which return to base levels are not usually indicative of P.C. and may be caused by infections, stimulation from recent ejaculations or a digital rectal exam,etc.
If unsure you should consult your urologist.
BPH is the medical term for prostate gland enlargement, occurring typically in middle-aged and elderly men (40's and beyond). The "B" in BPH is "Benign", or non-cancerous. The normal prostate gland in a man without enlargement is generally considered “walnut-sized.” The enlargement is generally measured (or estimated) in volume (cubic centimeters, or cc's), so when you say "high", I think you mean "large."

Higher than normal PSA values are often associated with BPH — but some men have normal PSA values despite having an enlarged prostate. So a "large" prostate (from BPH) and a low PSA is a plausible scenario.

When the prostate becomes enlarged, it can put pressure on the urethra and cause difficulty urinating. If you're having urinary problems, as shs50 has suggested, you should seek medical advice…although it sounds like you already have in order to have received this input. Your doctor can help determine whether your symptoms warrant further evaluation and treatment.

You should definitely follow-up because BPH can be a progressive disease, especially if left untreated. Incomplete voiding can result in bacteria in the bladder residue and an increased risk of urinary infections. Bladder stones, and even renal failure, could result in worst-case scenarios. Don't ignore it.

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