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[QUOTE=crewa2;4053153]Thanks Daff
I have the consultation in 3 days with the Florida proton people. I hope they can get things moving fairly rapidly. The doctors at Moffitt tell me with my more serious diagnoses that I should try to get treatment started within the next 6 weeks. It's crazy how things can change so quickly.

Another question, I am going to get my blood drawn today for the Jacksonville doctors: PSA, Free PSA...etc but I had a DRE yesterday and an endorectal MRI the day before. What will that do to my PSA score.[/QUOTE]

Your PSA score may be higher than it would otherwise- I'm not sure by how much, but maybe the doctor can say. In any event, this shouldn't change much in your treatment profile. You can always repeat the PSA test if that information is considered important in your treatment plan, but why not wait and see the results and talk to the doctors at Florida Proton. I'd agree that you should try to start treatment soon- and I think they have the ability to move patients up on the schedule to accommodate your type of case. Let us know what you think after your appointment. Try to get a tour while you're there.

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