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[QUOTE=Howie63;4043349]Hi --- PSA history f

July 2007 1.7
July 2008 1.6
July 2009 3.3

Blood work done at GP office DRE performed by GP prior to blood work -- as was other PSA tests
GP said prostate was somewhat enlarged but not uncommon for a man my age. Did not find ant=ything abnormal.

Made appointment with a top Urologist a Hopkins but appointment is not until 8/23. Person who made appointment asked me what my diagnosis is told her about PSA change. Said they would call if an earlier appointment opens up. GP was not concerned with length of wait. I will retest about 2 weeks prior to appointment.

Of course I started to stress when I got the results. I also started to have more frequent urinations and some pelvic discomfort. Took some Ibuprofin and symptoms went away.

Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

You didn't mention your age, but the increase in PSA certainly merits the urologist visit, irrespective of your age. Depending on the PSA results, he may recommend a biopsy, which is the only real way to determine if you have prostate cancer. But's that's jumping pretty far ahead. By chance, did you have a free PSA test along with the standard PSA test (that, in conjunction with your age, can give a probability score as to your having cancer)? If you haven't gotten that, I'd suggest you ask for it when you are retested.

A rise in PSA can come about because of a prostate infection, not cancer. A test reading can also be elevated if there was a DRE prior to the blood being drawn, or sexual activity or other stimulus of the prostate, within a couple days of the test. So refraining prior to your next test would be a good idea.

The wait until August 23 may seem long, but it's probably not going to have much bearing on things. And getting that additional PSA test will be very important. You might want to do some reading about the subject so you can raise any issues with the urologist. This thing takes most of us by shock, but you have some time to become better educated, whether or not you have any real issue right now. Can't hurt. Good luck and feel free to post again. This is a great source of info, even though we're not medical doctors...

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