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I donít have any specific suggestions; but I wanted simply to welcome your transition from a reader on this site to a writer/poster. Also, I wanted to just add the comment and my support that you seem to be following an appropriate path.

Regarding your comment about a second opinion on your biopsy readings, I would say that the strategy should be to obtain a second reading by a lab specializing in PC readings if you do receive news of a positive biopsy finding (which you do not yet have). Consensus is that no one should make decisions about cancer treatment on the basis of a biopsy read by just one local pathologist. Treatment is based largely on cancer grading, which comes from the interpretation of biopsy slides. What Iím trying to say, for clarity, is that I donít believe the experts are automatically advising second opinions on all biopsy samples even if the initial finding is negative.

Let us know the outcome of your Sept 3rd biopsy.

best wishes...[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the comments and welcome. My Sept 10 biopsy was negative. I was pleasantly surprised- I was trying to be prepared for the positive reading that I expected. In fact, I had talked to both my twenty-something daughters (and my wife of course) about the likelihood of PC. I have not yet asked about PIN or any uncertainty in the reading, or actually seen the biopsy report. From reading about repeat biopsies (Walsh book), although the results they report are probably for "rapid" repeats with 6 weeks or so in betwen, I understand that the probability of positive results from repeats diminishes after the 2nd negative result. Not sure if this is valid with a year between biopsies.

If my PSA continues to trend up and DREs stay negative, I'm thinking I might want to look into MRI-S and/or color doppler ultrasound as another diagnostic tool. Right now my PSA, although jumping around, seems to be saying something is there that the biopsies don't confirm. I don't want any PC of course, but I really don't want to be surprised by an aggressive case.

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