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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Hi Rich,

It looks like you've been having a pretty good ride on intermittent hormonal therapy with just one drug during the "on-therapy" period :), but I well know the concern that comes when that PSA starts rising into the tenths. :confused: I'll add some thoughts in green.

[QUOTE=Dickiedo;4120083]I was on Zoladex from July of 07 till May of 08. My PSA has been 0.01 to 0.05 untill my last test which was .2 . I was wondering how high they will let it get before I go back on the Zoladex .

[COLOR="darkgreen"]You probably could make a request to restart therapy when you hit a certain trigger, but I'm thinking the doctor is probably planning on restarting somewhere in the 5 to 10 range. That's fairly typical. I've been watching the research on restarting fairly carefully, but it seems to me that no one yet knows what the ideal triggers are for patients with various characteristics, let alone a one-size-fits-all standard - probably not wise. I've even seen where some doctors do not restart until the PSA hits 20, which seems very high to me based mainly on my gut feelings rather than hard science.[/COLOR]

My oncologist has me on a 6 month schedule between PSA's. I think that is to long so I have been going to the VA and have been getting them every three months.

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Every three months strikes me as reasonable. I'm on an every three month schedule some of the time, but more often I'm getting a PSA every two months. However, the doctor is probably on sound ground if he is thinking at this particular point that your PSA is highly unlikely to rise enough to call for restarting therapy in the next six months.[/COLOR]

I have a friend that was on a 6 month schedule and his cancer spread to his bones between the 6 month period, I don't want that to happen to me. I would appreciate any info. Thanks Rich

[COLOR="darkgreen"]That six month jump strikes me as really odd and unusual. I'm thinking there was probably about his case that was behind the quick spread.

By the way, have you tried high quality pomegranate juice or equivalent extract capsules? The UCLA team's research from a couple of years ago showed a striking impact on PSA doubling time (PSADT) from 8 oz of juice daily, entending the average PSADT from about 15 months to about 54 months, with an even greater extension for those who stuck with the program beyond the trial. Also, apparently the men who did not have a slowing of their PSADT actually experienced decreases in their PSAs. I heard that from an expert at our support group meeging a week ago. The brand in the clinical trial was Pom Wonderful, a brand that is refrigerated before and after sale. That characteristic is considered important by some researchers as heat can destroy the beneficial qualities of the juice. More trials are now in progress. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar good experience in slowing PSADT during a recurrence just by adding 8 oz of another brand of pomegranate juice.

Have you thought of adding Avodart or finasteride during the off-therapy time? I'm convinced these drugs are helpful in giving us longer off-therapy periods.

Have you had bone mineral density evaluated? Apparently a decrease in density is fairly common when we are on hormonal blockade therapy with a drug like Zoladex. The decrease can be countered with bisphosphonate drugs plus calcium and vitamin D3 supplements and exercise.

Take care,


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