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Hi everyone. It's been 6 months since I've been on here. My husband is 51 and was told April 1 that he had prostate cancer. After much research and the help of this board he choose to have robotic surgery. We had to wait another 6 months for the surgery but now we are coming up to two weeks post surgery. The surgery went well but the surgeon feels the biopcy had cause an infection so the seminal vessels were like mush and hard to clean out. Then day two post op he ended up having a lung infection and his bowels wouldn't start working again so he was five days in the hospital. It certainly was good to get home as we were two hours away and I stayed in a motel the whole time and spent most of my day with him at the hospital. The catheter has been okay but a pain to deal with. We go back to London on Wednesday to have it removed and my question is what should be expect once it is removed. He's been told it hurts like hell come out so he is ready for that but what about the peeing. They didn't tell us what to bring at first and when I asked they said for sure bring the male pads. Will he have no control at first? Will he have the urge to pee? Will he be peeing all the time? They say with the robotic surgery you have better control but how soon? I think he's worried that once it's out then the pee will just continue to run out of him. He doesn't know if he'll be able to hold it at all. One good thing is the surgeon said his muscle looked really good during surgery and I told him he'd been doing kegals for 6 months to get ready for it.

Our second questions is how soon would we expect him to start to get some feeling and maybe start getting erections? He had some problems before the surgery I think because of his high blood pressure so we are hoping that the robitic surgery will give us the best chance of regaining erections. Anyone have the same issues before hand and know what to expect now?

We are just glad that this is now behind us and he can start healing now. We hope that on Wednesday we get a good pathology report. Fingers crossed it hadn't spread.

Anyways, thanks for any information you might be able to give us.

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