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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Hi David,

Congratulations on that awesome six months result of <0.04 after RT! :cool: :jester: :D :angel: That should make you feel great about paying your dues up front!

I have a couple of thoughts about the case of the man you met.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE=alibabba;4139752]Hi all,
I met a gentleman today and we happened to get on the subject of PC. He told me that he was diagnosed with PC in the early part of this year and had surgery in March. His Gleason was 8 and psa was 14 before surgery.

[COLOR="darkgreen"]I wonder why he chose surgery. :confused: Did he say? With those numbers, the odds that surgery would be curative were not high. :([/COLOR]

His psa remained up, I did not find out how high, and he underwent SRT. His psa 6 weeks ago was 3 and now it is just under 6.
This sound like a 6 week psadt or am I figuring this wrong?

[COLOR="darkgreen"]It's possible he is experiencing a post radiation bounce, but my layman's impression is that he probably needs further therapy, specifically hormonal blockade therapy. If bounce is not affecting his PSA, then that doubling time might be as short as 6 weeks.[/COLOR]

... I asked him if he had heard of Dr. Myers.

[COLOR="darkgreen"]I hope he does contact him or one of the other experts who handle challenging cases. [/COLOR]

BTW I just had a 6 month PSA after completing SRT in January and it came back <0.04 for the 2nd time.


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