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Final day:

OK, so this part of this saga is now concluded. As the other days went, so did this one, it was completely uneventful. Right now its about 18 hours and the symptoms are pretty much gone. By Monday at the very latest I expect that everything will be back to normal. I found that taking Aleve (3 every 8 hrs) really makes the difference as it counteracts the swelling that the radiation induces.

I had a long talk with Dr Williamson, my Radiologist and my Cyberknife co-coordinator Roxanne, afterward. The topic is now the results and any long-term side effects. Of course, I am concerned that I made the right decision. This was too easy of an experience and I feel almost guilty that if this is a permanent cure, I will have dodged the PC bullet way too painlessly. But Dr. Williamson assured me that this was it.

As to the long-term prospects, Dr Williamson reiterated that so far there has been zero biological failures in all of the studies and zero long-term side effects in her study, when the protocol has been followed. By protocol, they mean that the patient fits the strict guidelines set up for the study. PSA has to be within the range, Gleason has to be within range, tumor has to be completely contained, bone scan has to be negative, etc. etc. The protocol is for early low-risk patients only and my Radiologist explained that she has turned away patients who very much wanted this option but were outside the range on one or more points. There is no gambling with her on this.

So there it is. I see the Urologist next week as a follow-up, and Dr Williamson, my radiologist next month to start the PSA testing. And then the waiting begins...


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