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[QUOTE=micro;4203703] He's getting an ultrasound on Tuesday. The doctor wants to check his urinary bladder, kidney, and prostate (via transrectal ultrasound).[/QUOTE]
My understanding is that an ultrasound is not sensitive for prostate cancer, except for some really specialized ultrasound equipment at a few specialized centers. However, it can be used to aim a biopsy needle when a biopsy is being done. I don't know its value for bladder or kidneys.

PSA Serum 4.4
PSA Free 0.64 ng/ml
% Free PSA 14.5%
Negative Urine culture.
A PSA of 4.4 is just on the high side of normal, although it depends somewhat on age. A free PSA of 14.5 is in a "gray" area. If the PSA stays in this range after the Cipro, the doctor may want to do a biopsy. Chances are still somewhat more in favor of it not being cancer; but there is some risk it might be. There is really no sure way to tell without doing a biopsy, and even then some cancer may be missed. If free PSA is higher than 25, it's an indication against cancer. Below 10 or so is an indication "for" cancer. Just to use my own PSA as an example, I'm 67 and my PSA has been running between 4 and 5 for several years and my free PSA was measured at ~17, so my situation is very similar. I have had two negative biopsies over the past two years.

If the culture is negative, does this absolutely rule out infection? I honestly don't know what they cultured for. Secondly, a benign enlarge prostate can also affect the PSA scores right? [/QUOTE]
I'm not sure. Some others on this board are probably more knowledgable.

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