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[QUOTE=Redlola;4755858]Hi there!

It has been almost a year now and things have been pretty good. My dad has gotten one shot every 3 month and the PSA dropped to 0,5 i august 2010 and futher to 0,3 in november 2010. He has been in good mood ...
In februar 2011 (8 months later) the PSA went up from 0,3 to 0,5 and now (11 months later) it came out 0,7. So i guess the hormon theraphy is loosing its effeckt? :confused: ...

I dont think he is in any pain, but I can see his worried face. He still won`t accept that he cant be cured, and my mother also thinks everything is gone be all right. I have read a lot the last year, and what worries me is that it seems to be just 2-3 years of survival after hormonal therapy stops working (when hot spots in bone). My dad has not taken any new pictures of his ribs, so I dont know if the spots are still there or if he has gotten more...What would you do if you where in my dads situation? Should he go on tripel blockade now, radiation?? May he still have a lot of years to come? Redlola :angel:[/QUOTE]


You are an extraordinary daughter. I read your posts above and like to see you so much involved in your father’s care. Through your researches you may have realized that treatments for prostate cancer are not an assurance of cure but for controlling cancer’s advances. Doctors follow guidelines based on previous ways which were beneficial to many, and decide on a treatment course. If the patient is found to be free from the “bandit” the case is considered successful.
All treatments have side effects which in many patients cause nasty symptoms. This is also considered by the doctors in each treatment step which makes them to react “passively” or “aggressively”. The threshold mark of PSA=1 to start another treatment is part of your fathers’ doctor’s approach.

Advanced cases with metastasis require targeted treatments to each particular case which need “tactics” from good oncologists that know their job well. Along the treatment, drugs may have to be replaced or added, and many of these drugs interact with other drugs requiring a constant “vigilance” by the specialist. Supplements and medication (ex; bisphosphonates) to combat drugs side effects are also required. One may realize that what works for some may not have the same results for others.

The slight increase in eleven months of the PSA from a nadir 0.3 to 0.7 is signalling a need to change “tactics”. In your dad’s case, waiting to have it at the level of 1 may cause no harm but it would not be beneficial too, once the increase has been confirmed.
It is evident that the mono therapy shot is not enough and that the doctor should add some other medication to bring down the PSA to remission levels (<0.05).
If your doctor plans to put your dad on radiotherapy, he should do it now. Your dad should firstly have an image study (bone scan, CT, etc) done to confirm the metastasis, and go through the treatment with added hormonal medication, if he is considered fit.

As commented by other survivors above, life style tactics are important and it is necessary to be certain that your dad is in good health (no other major problem) because drugs to treat PCa react with many drugs of other illnesses.
Your dad will live many more years and see his grandsons grow (we all do). He needs a good and truthful oncologist from whom he gets peace of mind.

Wishing you both the best.
Baptista ;)

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