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Additional comments regarding the very rapid rise in PSA...

PSA testing can raise a "red flag" for you to look into what's going on, but it is not "specific" to prostate cancer...that means that other things can cause one's PSA level to rise, and elevated PSA does not [I]specifically [/I]mean one has prostate cancer. It turns out that prostate infection or non-cancerous BPH are [I]the most common causes of elevated PSA[/I]; not prostate cancer (according to the AUA).

The extremely rapid rise in your PSA [I]could [/I]mean that you have an very rare case of extraordinarily aggressive prostate cancer...[I]but it probably doesn't[/I]. It still seems more likely to be caused by infection.

Prostate cancer is [U]only[/U] diagnosed through a biopsy; the PSA test only raises a flag for further investigation. However, before jumping to a perhaps needless biopsy, the American Urological Association recommends eliminating other possible non-cancerous causes first. The AUA's "[B]Prostate-Specific Antigen Best Practice Statement: 2009 Update[/B]" suggests that the "Free PSA Test" also be used to help reduce the number of needless biopsies. [Prostate biopsies, in case you are unfamiliar with them, are somewhat costly and :eek: uncomfortable.]

PSA exists in two forms--free and bound; together they make-up the total PSA (which was measured in your PSA test). Benign prostate has a higher percentage of free PSA. The "Free PSA Test" measures the percent of free PSA in your total PSA.

Prostate infections can be hard to identify and treat, but hopefully this is your urologist's first course of try first to identify or eliminate non-cancerous causes of high PSA. A follow-up PSA test seems in order...if your results go both up and down, then you know that something [I]besides [/I]cancer is involved because cancer would only drive it up (not down, too). You may also discuss the merits of a "Free PSA Test" with your doctor as another way to minimize the likelihood of PC.

best regards

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