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I read your post I assume that the doctor looking at your results is your GP. My understanding differs however I will state upfront I have no medical training and am working from what I have been told by my DR's and what I have read. Since you have a Gleason 4+4=8 you are in the highly aggressive range and would want to be aggressive in pursuing a treatment plan.

While there is some disagreement as to the exact level for post radiation PSA tests the Dr's i follow like to see it <.05 measured via an ultrsensitive PSA test. The normal range of 0-4 would be for men around 60 who do not have prostate cancer and have not been treated for PC by radiation or Prostatectomy etc.

With a rising PSA the doubling time becomes important ie a year to double is way better than 3 mos.

I would be seeking a second opinion from an oncologist specializing in prostate cancer. If one is available I would specifically look for one that had lots of experience with Gleason 8 and higher patients. I found with a Gleason 4+5 there is a difference between the advice I got from my uroligist, radiation oncologist, my first general oncologist and the oncologist I see now who deals with a lot of highly aggressive cases. BTW I see Dr Myers who wrote Beating Prostate Cancer (Hornonal Therapy and Diet) and am currently on intermittent triple blockade.

If you go for another opinion get a copy of all your past tests etc. I took the advice of someone on this site and now keep a copy of my entire records. Of course I travel from Guam to Virginia for my annual appt with him so I make sure I travel with my record summary.

I am sure a number of more informed individuals will chime in but when all is said and done you should be asking questions and taking charge of your path aggressively given your Gleason.

All the best


[QUOTE=gegullalong;4320306]4yrs ago I had hormone and then radiotherapy on my prostate to deal with a cancer - 4+4 Gleason score. The treatment was successful but the consultant gave me a 50/50 chance of it not returning within 5 years.
I have had regular PSA checks ever since. Mostly they have been less than 1. 2yrs ago PSA was 1.89.
I went recently (June 2010) and the score was 2.32. I have not been worried by this as the score is still in the normal range 0-4.
However, being a tad psychic I went again today, - same hospital, and the reading now only 2 months later is 3.25. Now I am worried as this seems like a big increase. I would appreciate any suggestions and advice. Local Dr. says the result is still OK, but I'm not convinced.

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