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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]I'm replying to your first post after reading Tall Allen's apt comments. You wrote:[/COLOR]

[QUOTE=alan49;4334617]my prostate biopsy has been done with dies the first tests have not responded normally so more tests are being done and my appointment has been delayed for two weeks .should i be concerned[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Did you mean that the biopsy resuls was flawed or that it indicated a need for additional testing other than a biopsy? Sometimes, despite the doctors best efforts in doing the biopsy, core samples are "crushed" when the biopsy needle meets the tissue at an unfortunately unfavorable angle, as I understand it, and not usable. If it happens to just one or two out of many cores taken, that may be okay, but it could warrant a repeat biopsy if crushed cores create too much uncertainty. There could be other reasons for a flawed biopsy result, including incidents in processing. The cores are delicate, and there is a lot of hands on labor in the preparation process, plus mechanical and electrical equipment involved, and accidents can occur.

If results are ambiguous, then other tests such as the PCA3Plus, a "free PSA", or other tests may be called for. You could call the doctor and ask for a more detailed explanation.

Take care,

Jim :wave:[/COLOR]

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