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Hi Tara,

I'm sorry to hear about your father's condition. I'm not much younger myself, and am also a Gleason 9 cancer patient.

It sounds like your doctor is not very experienced with prostate cancer, or not very vigilant. The Gleason 9 score should have set off alarm sirens in his head. Unfortunately, a PSA of .6 or 1.7 is not high for your father's age, so it wouldn't necessarily have been alarming. It would be interesting to know what his PSA was prior to starting the hormone treatment. Very aggressive prostate cancer tends not to produce a lot of PSA, so it can be ignored until other symptoms bring it to the fore. But a near tripling of the PSA score in one month would tend to confirm that his cancer is very aggressive.

As you know now, your father is suffering from a serious form of prostate cancer. As it has already spread to the bones, it might not be curable. But it should still be treatable, and your father might want to see a specialist to help extend his life as long as possible. If you're not satisfied with your current doctors, you might find the web sites of doctors such as Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers (Virginia), Dr. Liebowitz (California), and Dr. Mark Scholz (California) helpful.

There are a couple of books you folks might read, such as Beating Prostate Cancer by Dr. Myers (who himself is a prostate cancer survivor), and A Primer on Prostate Cancer, by Dr. Strum. Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers by Dr. Scholz covers triple hormone therapy well, although the book is aimed at those with low-risk prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Research Institute site, run by Dr. Scholz, also provides excellent information about treatment options, especially for advanced patients. This information should help you understand what you are facing, and help you better talk with your doctors.

Best wishes to you all.


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