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Thank you for being first to post. More insightful than you might think:

1.) I consulted my General Practitioner this afternoon. Since the biopsy 11 weeks ago I have had multiple symptoms unusual for me: 2 colds, flu like lethargy, allergic responses, chronic dry cough, and epidiymitis in left testicle. I have started a 10 day regimen of CIPRO. Doctor thinks the symptoms are coincidental to the biopsy.

2.) I took a Leviquin pill the night before and day of the biopsy. The last PSA of 2.7 was 8 weeks later, so I doubt the antibiotics had any affect. In fact I was experiencing the symptoms noted in para 1 above. The oncologist didn't give much emphasis to such a drop and said he expected it would rise next time. Labs make errors as well.

3.) Restricting sex: just temporary. Dr. Patrick Walsh states in "Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" (2007, page 146) that "sexual activity can elevate PSA as much as 41% in less than an hour after ejaculation. Thus it is wise to abstain from sex for two days before you are due to have your PSA tested." I used this information along with the past experience of annoying muscle twitches in my pelvic floor which I speculate were related to prostate stress from sex." This was only a test, I repeat only a test, and a sign of my determination to go overboard attempting to bring my PSA down.
Maybe helpful, maybe not, BUT the muscle twitching has not returned. Also anticipation is it's own excitement.

4.) Vitamin E: I agree 400 IU is too high. I attended the 10th Annual Prostate Cancer Conference last month at Oregon Health Sciences University. One speaker mentioned a clinical trial involving Vitamin E and Selenium had to be terminated after a couple years due to negative side affects. I'm going to finish off the bottle and decrease consumption.

Although I'm identified as a Senior Member, most of my posts address Lyme disease, so I'm learning and appreciate your comments as well as Baptista following.

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