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I appreciate any and all views that you are willing to share. I do realize that there is a BIG public relations push for Proton Therapy & I have MUCH more research to do on that. The lack of data/studies concerns me also. Brachytherapy would probably be a second choice, but as you said only if it is expertly well-done.

I appreciate the numbers that you have provided. I have read some studies on some treatments but haven’t really had time to do in depth research yet. I’ve been busy learning the basics……….and what a lot I have learned!

I’m still hoping that infection is the cause of the elevated PSA, but I am a realist. His complete and total lack of symptoms makes infection less likely than PCa. I know several men with prostitis or enlarged prostate and they all have problems with urination etc.

Hubby will be onboard and make up his own mind depending on the biopsy outcome. Right now he is trying to think of any way possible, to talk me out of insisting that he have the biopsy on Friday. If I went through labor and delivery to give him a daughter, he has to have the biopsy to give me peace of mind, ha! Besides, I am a strong advocate of doing what scares the bejeezus out of you. It’ll be good for him.

I am the researcher in the family, he is the one with the great mind who takes the info that I supply and digests it. After the biopsy, we’ll go there.

Thank you again. You’ve been there for an awful lot of people. Do you ever wonder if having PCa was a divine plan? What would we all do without you?

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