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yes I did have the PSA after the DRE. I will be sure to avoid that in the future.

All of the information received here has been extremely helpful. Thank you. I am beyond the panic mode that was induced by the initial email I received from my Doctor. After the DRE I had blood drawn for the PSA test. The next day I received an email in which I was instructed to contact Urology to schedule a biopsy. There was a voicemail prior saying "This is your Doctor. I will send you an email". The email was vague with no details. It didn't even include the PSA result - just a phone number for Urology. Needless to say that shook me up.

The "Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers" is excellent. I am learning a lot and and feel much more confident and in control. I will continue to read, talk, question, learn and make informed decisions and choices.

My intent is to meet with the Urologist next Tuesday (who I have not spoken to yet) and skip the biopsy. I will find out if the Urologist is advocate or adversary for active surveillance.

I will have the doctor do a DRE so I get the opinion of someone more experienced tha my personal Doctor. I have no idea if my doctor felt any nodules or other irregularities or was simply concerned about the size.

Additionally I plan to request 500mg Cipro to take 2X/day for 2 weeks and then repeat the PSA 6 weeks after starting Cipro. I will be sure not to ride my bike or my wife a day or two prior to the test.

Thanks again to all of you for your information and support.


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