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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Hi again Zodiart,

I hadn't noticed this post when I replied to your later post, so I'll add a few thoughts in green. Allen already covered some key points, and the two of us who responded to your later post covered some other points.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE=Zodiart;4817044]It's my dad biopsy, i really shocked and confused what to do..:(
the questions are..

1. How bad is the cancer? if it's in (good)1-10(bad) rating?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]I'll still rate the cancer as a 3, but closer to a 2. That's because the detail you have provided shows that it is on both sides of the prostate and is extensive, making it [I]at least[/I] a stage T2c cancer, presumed (prior to confirmation by expert) to be a Gleason 3+5=8 cancer. That gives us two of the three characteristics used in the Partin Tables, with the PSA level being the other characteristic. Going to the same 2001 version of the tables that I mentioned in the other thread, the best situation would be that the third characteristic, PSA, is in the 0 to 2.5 range. If so, for a Gleason 8-10, stage T2c cancer, the odds of it's being confined to the prostate (and therefore curable with a local therapy such as surgery, seeds, or cryo) would be 34% (estimated based on extensive data from Johns Hopkins University, a leading prostate cancer center, but with the statistical range for the "true value" running from 21% to 48%. I can explain further if that is unclear.). To me, that would be enough to quickly turn away from a strictly local approach, but that's an individual decision. If the PSA is in the 2.6 to 4.0 range, the odds of confinement to the prostate fall to 23%, and then to 18% for a PSA from 4.1 to 6.0, and to just 13% for a PSA of 6.1 to 10.0. I hope I made the point in the other post that a therapy other than a strictly local therapy would have better odds of a cure. I also made the point that long-term successful control can be a good outcome even if cure is not possible. (My own starting PSA was 113.6, my Gleason was 3+4=7, my stage was T3 with perineural invasion, and all cores were positive, most 100% cancer. For me, a local therapy was out of the question.)[/COLOR]


[COLOR="darkgreen"]I hope this helps.

Jim :wave:[/COLOR]

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