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[COLOR="DarkGreen"]Thanks Rhonda, Baptista and Tom for your good wishes, and also to everyone else who is taking the time to visit this thread. It's grand to have your support! :D


I'll address your equestions in post #2, though I'm just seeing the Board now after your appointment. I'll add some responses in green.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE=honda50;4827756]I'm so happy that your protocol of treatment is working so well for you. What impresses me is how well you know your disease and what it takes to continue battling it. I'll say it again, you are an absolute inspiration to all of us![/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Thank you! Being able to inspire sure beats not being here at all! ;)[/COLOR]

[QUOTE]I left a question on one of the threads that I was hoping would get a response. Irv's next appointment with Dr. Fleshner is actually TOMORROW at 11 am and not Wednesday as I had mistakenly stated in that last message. I basically wanted to know how adamant we should be in addressing the issue of a bone density test and the introduction of a bisphosphonate drug at this point and also a statin drug.... [Moved below, about Irv's success and gym work.] So, would it be ok for him to stay off of those two drugs at this point? It would be nice if we could but, at the same time, I'd like him to have every advantage towards longer term success like yours, Jim. ;) Bone density tests are typically offered here until after a year of androgen deprivation therapy. Should we just wait it out?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]I would try very hard for the Bone Mineral Density (BMD) scan, but accept a delay in the drug if the scan is normal. (A DEXA is not as good as a qCT scan, as the DEXA will mistake arthritis and vessel calcification for healthy bone, as explained in your Primer. However, as a practical matter, DEXA may be all that is available, and it often is sufficient.) If he turned it down, I would appeal by phone. If that does not work, waiting for the full year to run out will probably not put Irv at much increased risk, and possibly none if he is one of the very fortunate ones. I did not start until about ten months after starting Lupron (like you and Irv, due to lack of understanding and familiarity with the issue by my very good urologist team - just not their bag). By that time the scan showed I had developed osteopenia, which is roughly speaking half way toward osteoporosis after about nine months on Lupron. Fortunately, with the aid of Fosamax and later Boniva for about nine years, my bone density returned to normal; that's an average, but no bones were in the osteoporosis range, and most were in the normal range. My hip bones were always normal.[/COLOR]

[QUOTE]Irv's PSA is now at .03 and, at last check, his cholesterol is fine. He's lost weight and gained muscle mass since he's started his Zoladex injections 6 months ago due to his regular visits to the gym.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"](0kay, we just had an extremely unusual pretty vigorous earthquake of about twenty seconds. That's different! :eek: I did remember to head to the bathroom doorway. Whew!)

I wish I could have sen the doctor's face when he mentioned that wonderful PSA success. What did he say? Was there any discussion of the role of f i n a s t e r i d e or Avodart? Those cholesterol, weight and muscle mass results are superb! Irv is showing what can be achieved when a patient on hormonal therapy puts his mind to it! :cool:[/COLOR]

[QUOTE]I'm still waiting for Irv to order his Super Bio-Curcumin. He says that he plans to, but he procrastinates.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]I've been there too and don't really know why. It took me years to get on a statin drug. I knew I was blowing the extremely rare muscle risks out of proportion, especially as they could be noticed early and reversed by stopping the medication, but it put me off.

Okay, we're just getting word that the quake was 5.8 centered 100 miles south in Richmond. Sure felt a lot nearer than that![/COLOR]

[QUOTE]It would be really nice to get some replies before Irv's appointment tomorrow morning.

Again, CONGRATS on the continued success, Jim! I'm so thrilled. You are truly my mentor!

Regards, Rhonda[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="darkgreen"]Thanks again. I hope you realize that the two of you are rapidly getting into mentorship yourselves.

Take care,

Jim :wave:[/COLOR]

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