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So my PSA keeps going up - not severly, but steady - not having any symptoms and although I'm not obsessing (yet) - it is on my mind a lot trying to figure out what's going on...I had a negative biopsy in May of this year.

Here's my stats:
48 years old
Jul 2008 PSA 1.5
Sep 2009 PSA 1.9
Nov 2010 PSA 2.4
May 2011 PSA 2.9 (free PSA 3%) - Biopsy done - Negative.
Oct 2011 PSA 3.2

As you can see my PSA continues to increase with every test, my fPSA was very very low at 3%. My Doc says for me to come back again in 6 months and doesn't seem to worried. He said my DRE was normal too and in fact I have a small prostate (no jokes) - so it's not rising from enlargement.

I'm wondering if it's just my normal part of aging?

I do also keep noticing soreness in my armpits - no bumps or real pain, just sore and I seem to be losing weight - about 10 lbs. in the last 6 months - again nothing drastic and could all be explained by stress and life, I've moved to a new city in the last 6 months so that can certainly cause stress. Just seems all added up that something is up (maybe infection?) and it keeps gnawing at the back of my mind.

Thanks for any comments!

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