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Re: Bad News Day
Dec 14, 2011
My wife and I have experienced some of the lows and lower lows that you describe. It is difficult when all the news you get seems negative. I was also upgraded to a Gleason 9 when they did the pathology after my RP and they found the tumor was outside the prostate. I went on radiation five months later and have been on Hormone Blockade since before the radiation. In hindsight I would have gone to triple blockade sooner than I did but I was not presented with the option.. Metastatic activity was evident from the PSA results.

However it is usually not as bleak as we think it is. Dr Myerís book Beating Prostate Cancer gave us a different outlook. He cited a number of advanced cases that were having great outcomes. I am almost seven years along and living a normal life on Intermittent Triple Blockade. I am currently off Lupron and Bicalutamide but continue with Avodart. As expected my PSA is rising but indications are good that I will be able to knock it back again when I go back on all three. There are many options available today and more coming down the pipe. What is true today will not be true in five or ten years. Try to hang in there and if you havenít already try to read Myers book, it may give you some relief.


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