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Looking for some opinions/advice

57 year old male in excellent health. Adopted, so history of family cancer is unknown.

Oct 2008 - PSA level was normal at 2.8

Aug 2011 - contacted severe case of Prostatitis, which was initially mis-diagnosed at a emergency care facility (it was the weekend) as UTI. Given 7 days of Cipro (500mg, 2x daily). Went to primary MD, she thought it sounded like Prostatitis, recommended if the symptoms come back, I might need another round of Cipro.

Sept 2011 - symptoms returned, primary recommends 21 days of Cipro (500mg, 2x daily) and follow up with PSA test after.

Oct 2011 - PSA high at 11.9. Referred to Urologist, who tests urine (ok) and recommends waiting 8 weeks and retest PSA and free PSA. DRE was normal.

Jan 2012 - PSA high at 13.9, free PSA is 1.3 or 9.4% Looking at the Lab chart, this indicates 56% chance of PC. Urine tested clear for bacteria, white blood cells, etc..


1) Should I do another round of antibiotics, different type (Leuaquin, better for prostate bacteria) and retest in another 6 weeks. Urologist says this approach is "a reasonable request".

2) Or, should I do a biopsy?

Thanks in advance...

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