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[QUOTE=Tall Allen;4909673]My best wishes to you and Irv -- I hope it's a long vacation. He'll probably want to track liver enzymes - ALT, AST and Alkaline Phosphatase as well as BUN and creatinine to monitor kidney function.

I just read today about a new mathematical model from Japan that claims to predict response to IADT, and can help optimize IADT scheduling. It certainly piqued my curiosity. You might want to look into it further:

- Allen[/QUOTE]


You may explore more on the intermittent modality in hormonal treatments reviewing the several papers on the matter. I have read some which got references in other related papers, some from 1996. The one approaching a mathematical method to fix or establish a definite length in an ON/OFF period can be reached typing this sentence in a net search engine;

“Mathematical modelling of prostate cancer growth and its application to hormone therapy

Interesting is that the theory is based on constants with regards to the marker “PSA” and the time cancer takes to grow or mutate. More here;

Intermittent androgen suppression delays progression to androgen-independent regulation of prostate-specific antigen gene in the LNCaP prostate tumour model”

And this;

“Progression of LNCaP Prostate Tumor Cells during Androgen Deprivation: Hormone-Independent Growth, Repression of Proliferation by Androgen, and Role for p27Kip1 in Androgen-Induced Cell Cycle Arrest”

And from the latest reported trials on the modality in Canada;

“Locally advanced prostate cancer—biochemical results from a prospective phase II study of intermittent androgen suppression for men with evidence of prostate-specific antigen recurrence after radiotherapy”

I wish you “pleasant readings” at the warms of your fireplace this winter.

Baptista ;)

Note; Rhonda, I hope for a good beginning on IADT vacations for Irv.

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