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Hello all I have not posted for awhile as I finished my radiation treatment in early August. I have since had 4 PSA tests:
Mid September 6 weeks post treatment PSA=0.14 :)
October 5th annual checkup PSA=0.13 :)
December 9th PSA=0.19:)
Today March 5 PSA=0.42 :(
The September and December tests were done by the same lab and the October and March tests were done by the same lab. I am wondering if anyone on this board has seen similar numbers. My biggest concern is that going by these numbers my doubling time is 3-4 months, is there a need for concern on my part, or is it possible that I am just seeing a bump like I have heard can happen post radiation treatment.

Although most of what I have read from others that have done radiation therapy that the PSA bump and nadir usually happen in the 12 - 24 month time frame, where mine seem to have both happened within the first 6 - 7 months post treatment. Any additional information anyone can supply will be greatly appreciated.


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