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Just got results from Saturation biopsy. Of 30 cores 3 tested positive for ASAP

Anyone have that diagnosis? Will Atypical cells always progress to cancer?

Doctor wants to monitor PSA and repeat if not stable.

Wonder if another pathologist can translate this for me?

A 0.3 mm focus of atypical glands is present in the left apex core biopsy. PIN-4
cocktail of immunohistochemical stains (p63, high molecular weight cytokeratin
and p504S/racemase) was performed with appropriate positive and negative
controls. Small atypical glands failed to demonstrate staining of basal cells
with high molecular weight cytokeratin or p63 and showed weakly positive
cytoplasmic staining for racemase

ASAP stands for Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation. ASAP diagnosis is usually related to cells that do not classify to benign neither malignant but to a probably of both.
In some studies pathologists have found that high PSA in ASAP presence, lead usually to adenocarcinoma classification later. In any case you will have to repeat the biopsy to get a confirmation.

I wonder what made you to get a Saturation biopsy. Usually that is done when the traditional 12 cores is negative to cancer but the PSA is high. Can you share more info on your case?

The good thing in the results is that ASAP was found only in three cores which indicate a small volume of this type of cells. If they turn out to be malignant your case would be the typical low risk to which Active Surveillance is recommended.
This regimen of continuous testing may in fact be what you have been done up to now.
For peace of mind you could get a second opinion on the samples from a laboratory like Johns Hopkins or Bostwick.

Baptista ;)

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