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Thank you John...
I saw my doctor today. He can't understand teh high PSA value either. Post biopsy, the gland size was estimated to be 22cc. The gland that went to pathology was 19CC. He said that he kept burning and shaving what ever tissue was left behind....He doesn't think there was a significant volume left. According to the pathology, there were very few cells in the edge, gleason 4. Most of the tumor was gleason 3. It was hard to pull the gland out. It stuck to the bladder neck. Surgery lasted for more than 5 hours.
Seminal vehicles and lymph nodes were clean.

Going for pelvic CT and bone scan on monday. Then radiation. Discussed the possibility to start hormone therapy to reduce the prostate volume, my doctor advised against it since we will not have the PSA metric to rely on.
Any recommendations regarding type of radiation?
Going for a second opinion in UCSF.

Here are my stats:
Pre biopsy PSA: 4
Biopsy:2/12 positive, Gleason 3+4
Estimated volume:20%
Right apex only infected

Post surgery:
Mostly Gleason 3, few Gleason 4 in the edge, right apex
All other specimens clean of cancer
Stage T2a, positive margins
3 months post surgery PSA: 2.56. two days later 2.73. Will repeat on Monday.
Met with Dr Carroll today. Overall encouraging news.

He says that the surgery left behind about half of the gland, some 14cc. The part with the cancer is still in.
All treatment options are open, including repeat surgery.
The nerve bundles are still attached to the gland. So strange...I wonder what my surgeon did there for 5 hours if this is the outcome. I feel he wasn't truthful with me and didn't share the full outcome of the surgery. He was waiting for the radiation from day 1. The high PSA reading wasn't a real surprise to him.
Dr. Carroll thinks the cancer is still contained.
Next steps: Biopsy and then decide on best treatment option.


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