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My PSA stayed around 2-3 for many years (I’m 72) – last fall it was 2.9. But in Feb. I experienced a Urinary Tract Infection, had chills and fever for 3-4 days, and many increased “prostate problems”. My Urologist put me on Cipro for only 5 days, but I seemed “better”. But 2 months later my PSA test was 11!

After another 2 months, my PSA had dropped to 6.9. He suggested a biopsy and I declined (like you, I’m very leery of a biopsy for all its proven downsides, and in my mind, all the other possible problems it could cause that the medical community denies).

So for now I’m waiting another 2 months to see what the PSA does. This PSA thing is confusing beyond belief. Many books I’ve read (and many sources) state that for a guy my age, 0 – 6.5 is “normal”…(The charts say up to 3.5 / 3.8 for men in their 50’s is normal). When one considers that a PSA test can vary by up to 20%-30%, it is very difficult to know what to believe.

You pose a great question, (Would the PSA drop with antibiotics if it were cancer?) – I am also interested in hearing an answer! (Perhaps Tall Allen can address that specific question)?

I can tell you this, when I was investigating some imaging technologies on-line, I happened to tell a urologist that my PSA was recently 11, and is still “high” at 6.9, and perhaps I should have a biopsy – in his reply to me, he said … that if your PSA is not steadily rising, then you may be able to hold off for now on the biopsy. Seems to make sense to me.

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