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Sounds like you are taking good care of your health with frequent PSA checks. My older brother had a gradually rising PSA and he was diagnosed with cancer after a biopsy when his PSA was 4.25. My younger brother had a jump to 6+ like yours and he was diagnosed with cancer after a biopsy. Those happened 10 years ago and they are both doing well with zero PSA's today.

My PSA went up gradually and I had a biopsy when PSA was 4.5. The biopsy showed no cancer but an area of abnormal cells ( a PIN, prostatic intra epithelial neoplasia).One year later, I had a urinary tract infection whne my blood sample was taken for a PSA reading. It came out at 112. A repeat 4 months later showed PSA of 11. It took 6 months or more to get back to normal when the PSA was now 6+. A biopsy at this time showed cancer in 2 of 12 samples with a Gleason score of 7. My prostate was removed 3 months ago and the pathology looked like my 2 brothers.

You should reduce your anxiety . You have done everything right and you may have discovered a cancer early, one that is slow-growing, and one that can be removed before it gets more serious. Your biopsy will yield the result. They will take 12 samples and examine each under a microscope. You might have no cancer. You might have an area of abnormal cells like my PIN. Or there might be one or more cancer samples. For these, there will be a Gleason score that is the sum of 2 numbers. The first is the worst cell pattern in the sample and the second is the most common cell pattern. 10 is the highest value indicating an agressive cancer and 1 is very low. My older brother had an 8 and I had a 7 (4+3).

Some people have high PSA readings and no cancer. A friend of mine has a PSA of 9 that has been constant for several years and his biopsies show no cancer. Another person has had 11 biopsies with PSA's of 11 and he does not have cancer.

So the biopsy is the result you need to proceed with the diagnosis. But you need not worry. If there is no cancer, you are good to go. If there is, you have caught a slow-growing cancer early that you will recover from completely. Be confidant, the future is going to good for you no matter the result. Three weeks after my surgery, I was on vacation in New Hampshire and later walked for 7 hours in New York City.

Good luck.

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