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PSA 4.5 age 32
Jan 4, 2013
Hello all,

I was hoping for some impartial advice. I'm 32 and have received a PSA result of 4.5 today. There is a significant history of prostate cancer in my family. My grand father(suspected died at 50), father(diagnosed at 55) and my brother (diagnosed at 36). Both my Father and brother had their prostate removed. I don't consider this a realistic option for me at 32.

I have discussed with my doctor and we have agreed a monitor and see approach with a second PSA to be conducted in 4 months and hopefully there will be no significant increase. The consideration of a biopsy will be reviewed at this point.

I don't really understand if 4.5 is high or just high for my age I'm also pretty consious that the only reason I had the test is due to my family history and imagine my father may well have had his cancer at a young age as it was discovered on the first test as was my brothers. So I'm a bit skeptical of the range of experience in relation to people my age. Sorry I'm kind of thinking out loud here my family are all a bit shocked particularily my father and brother so I don't really want to talk to them to much about it.

I realise it could be serious or i could be worrying about nothing but any advice woulld be appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Re: PSA 4.5 age 32
Jan 5, 2013
Hi D,
Your family seems to carry some pretty bad PC genes -- hopefully not you as well. 32 is very young for PC, but considering your brother... A PSA of 4.5 for someone as young as you is high, but PSA can come from other things -- prostatitis or BPH. In Europe, you can get another kind of PSA blood test called PHI that is more specific to PC. Maybe you can ask your doctor to order that test for you.

Avodart or Proscar may prevent PC, although they didn't get FDA approval for that in the US, so their use for that is controversial.

- Allen

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